Windswept Summer Fields

Windswept Summer Fields Photograph

windswept summer fields in summer near Milk River, in southern Alberta

Windswept Summer Fields is a shot of crops grown in southern Alberta. Most of my shots will be around southern Alberta, yet when I say it in regards to this shot, I mean really south. The Montana border was half an hour south of this particular field. The picture was taken on Highway 501, east of Milk River. The strong winds that day are normal for the area. They typically see very strong winds, unlike Calgary. A lot of wind turbines speckle the landscape, though this image shows none.

I was on my way to Writing on Stone Provincial park when I came across this bright scene. The area is dominated by bad lands, much like Drumheller, yet is still covered with wheat and canola crops. In this image, you can see the wheat blowing in the wind, the green plant covering most of the ground. The yellow crop sitting at the top of the hill is most likely canola, though could be rapeseed or other plants in the mustard family. The scene struck me because of the bright blue sky, despite the fierce wind, and the tower in the scene. In nature photography, man-made items generally aren’t featured, or are removed in editing. Yet there was something about the cell tower that struck me, something I liked. There’s a feeling that can only come when man-made is combined with nature. It makes it more the real world, not some far off fantasy land you can only dream of seeing. That’s why I decided to not only take the picture, but keep the tower in it.

The map below gives a rough idea of where the image was taken. It was somewhere between Milk River and Writing on Stone Provincial Park on Highway 501. As to an exact location, my camera doesn’t capture GPS coordinates with the image, so I can’t get too specific with this one.

The picture was taken with a Canon T4i Rebel and a 75-300mm lens, with a shutter speed of 1/3200 and an aperture of f/5.6. The ISO was set to 400, and the white balance set to auto.

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