Justin A. Gough Business Cards

Justin A. Gough Business Cards finished

An update on the Justin A. Gough Business Cards project. I had previously published a post talking about the design of the American version of the design, and said an update talking about the printed version and European version was to come. Continue reading

March 13 2016 Events

March 13 2016 Events — Daylight Savings Time and a Birthday

March 13 2016 Events. There’s a few things happening today I wanted to have represented in a designed piece. First of all, it’s the day daylight savings time begins, for those in the affected areas (like here in Alberta). It’s also someone’s birthday today. Continue reading

Skimming with Wet Wings

Skimming with Wet Wings Photograph

skimming with wet wings, a blue heron flying over water

Skimming with Wet Wings is a photograph of a blue heron, captured in the summer time in a park where they can usually be found during the warmer months. I spent some time watching the heron before capturing this shot. Continue reading

Winter Mountain Sunset

Winter Mountain Sunset Photograph

a winter mountain sunset, the sky ablaze with oranges and reds of the sunset

A winter mountain sunset. The fire-y oranges and reds of the sky were particularly impressive the night I captured this picture. As it alway seems to be when there’s an amazing photo to be taken, the day was bitterly cold, and the more the sun disappeared behind the mountains, the colder it got. Continue reading

Windswept Summer Fields

Windswept Summer Fields Photograph

windswept summer fields in summer near Milk River, in southern Alberta

Windswept Summer Fields is a shot of crops grown in southern Alberta. Most of my shots will be around southern Alberta, yet when I say it in regards to this shot, I mean really south. The Montana border was half an hour south of this particular field. Continue reading

Beethoven’s Fifth Advertisement

Beethoven’s Fifth Advertisement for Print

The Beethoven’s Fifth Advertisement was design as an ad for a fictional orchestra performance of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. It was created in Adobe InDesign, and aimed for print media: typically a piece like this could be found in a magazine, brochure, or other print publications. Continue reading

Countryside Winter Home

Countryside Winter Home Photograph

countryside winter home, a farm house in the middle of a field surrounded by trees covered with a thick layer of hoar frost

This is the first image post to appear on the site, so I’ll start with a bit of an explanation. I’m going to be writing short clips that tell the story of each of the photographs I upload. Continue reading

Geometric Mandala

Geometric Mandala for Syrian Charity

I designed a geometric mandala for a project students at the Carleton University are working on. They’re putting together an adult colouring book, and are going to be selling it. All of the proceeds will be going to the charity Save the Children. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day 2016 Graphic

Valentine’s Day 2016 is here. As a way of wishing you a happy Valentine’s day, I came up with a small, one-page design. Something like a card, though more like a poster than anything else. Continue reading

CA and Email Changes

CA and email changes have come to the site

CA and email changes have happened. Read on to see what that entails, and what’s coming next to justinagough.ca (not .com anymore). Continue reading

Something Special in Everything

There’s something special in everything in my design portfolio

There’ll be something special in everything design related that’s uploaded to the site. What, you ask, is the something special? I’ve decided I’ll give you a hint, but no more. Continue reading

Elsa Mesh

Elsa Mesh Update: Project Part Completed

The Elsa Mesh project has been completed. Or, at least, handed in and effectively completed for the purposes of the receiving party. Personally, I feel there are a few thinks I’d like to change to make it fit into my portfolio better, but the project due date came and has now gone, and with the scope of the project, everything I had aimed for just wasn’t possible.

Continue reading

Justin A. Gough Site Changes

Justin A. Gough Site Changes in Progress

After writing updates on other projects I’m working on, I thought I should include one on the project on which you can see the changes the most: my Justin A. Gough Site Changes is underway! You’ve noticed the fact that I’ve started to maintain a semi-regular blog here, based on what I’m currently designing, and updates on the projects as they develop. Well, the site is no different than the other projects. I’m going to be changing a lot on the site over the next little while.

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Personal Business Cards

Personal Business Cards Project

The personal business cards project is one of the smaller projects I have to do for the semester right now.That said, it is also one of the more important ones. Everything I’m doing is adding to my experience, and to my portfolio. My business card, though, is most likely going to be a lot of people’s first impression of me. As such, it seems like a rather important piece to create.

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