Skimming with Wet Wings

Skimming with Wet Wings Photograph

skimming with wet wings, a blue heron flying over water

Skimming with Wet Wings is a photograph of a blue heron, captured in the summer time in a park where they can usually be found during the warmer months. I spent some time watching the heron before capturing this shot. I had to wait for about half an hour, taking other pictures of it standing still. It was when a train came that the heron spooked, and started to fly from its home, that I managed to get this picture.

I’ve always found herons to be interesting creatures to watch, with a certain majesticness about them. Therefore, I had no problem waiting with the bird, watching it and waiting for the perfect moment to get the perfect shot. Seeing as herons are only around southern Alberta in the summer, the weather was nice, and photography conditions great.

I found the bird in one of Airdrie’s nature parks: Fletcher’s park. The park is located in the north part of Airdrie, south of Highway 567 and on either side of the railroad tracks that run through Airdrie. On the west side, Nose Creek runs through the park, adding water to the grassland beauty and attracting more animals than the portion of the park on the east side of the tracks. I was on the west side of the park when I took the picture. The map below shows the exact location the image was taken. For the most part, the creek runs from the north to the south, yet bends on occasion. On the map, you’ll see the creek swell as it momentarily runs east. This is where the heron was, and the body of water it is flying over in the picture.

The image was taken with a Canon Rebel T4i, and a 75-300mm telephoto lens. I used a shutter speed of 1/400 seconds, and an aperture of f/5.6 with an ISO of 100. The focal length the lens was set to was 230mm.

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