Countryside Winter Home

Countryside Winter Home Photograph

countryside winter home, a farm house in the middle of a field surrounded by trees covered with a thick layer of hoar frost

This is the first image post to appear on the site, so I’ll start with a bit of an explanation. I’m going to be writing short clips that tell the story of each of the photographs I upload. It won’t be as detailed or long as the posts I write for the designs, simply because there’s less to talk about. I will include what the image is, where it was taken, a bit of a setting to the environment when it was taken, as well as a map showing the rough location of the scene and the shot information.

Since we haven’t had much of a winter this year in Calgary, I thought I’d start with a scene from just outside Calgary, captured in the middle of December, 2014. It was a bitterly cold day, so much so that the hoar frost covering the trees and ground had yet to melt come afternoon.  This idyllic farm home was captured inside Airdrie city limits, though just west of the city proper. It sits on a slight hill, and from many angles, can’t be seen at all. Capturing hoar frost is something I love to do, especially when I get a bit of sunlight and a nice, crisp, blue sky.

Because it is someone’s home, I’m not going to pin exactly where it is. Just out of respect for their privacy. I will say that it’s west of 24 St., in between Highway 567 and Big Hill Springs rd/Yankee Valley blvd.

The image was shot with a Canon 50D, using a 75-300mm lens, with a shutter speed of 1/1250, an aperture of f/5.6, and at 400 ISO. The image was edited in Adobe Photoshop, with adjustments to the colour and slight tone shifts.

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