Skimming with Wet Wings

Skimming with Wet Wings Photograph

skimming with wet wings, a blue heron flying over water

Skimming with Wet Wings is a photograph of a blue heron, captured in the summer time in a park where they can usually be found during the warmer months. I spent some time watching the heron before capturing this shot. Continue reading

Winter Mountain Sunset

Winter Mountain Sunset Photograph

a winter mountain sunset, the sky ablaze with oranges and reds of the sunset

A winter mountain sunset. The fire-y oranges and reds of the sky were particularly impressive the night I captured this picture. As it alway seems to be when there’s an amazing photo to be taken, the day was bitterly cold, and the more the sun disappeared behind the mountains, the colder it got. Continue reading

Windswept Summer Fields

Windswept Summer Fields Photograph

windswept summer fields in summer near Milk River, in southern Alberta

Windswept Summer Fields is a shot of crops grown in southern Alberta. Most of my shots will be around southern Alberta, yet when I say it in regards to this shot, I mean really south. The Montana border was half an hour south of this particular field. Continue reading

Countryside Winter Home

Countryside Winter Home Photograph

countryside winter home, a farm house in the middle of a field surrounded by trees covered with a thick layer of hoar frost

This is the first image post to appear on the site, so I’ll start with a bit of an explanation. I’m going to be writing short clips that tell the story of each of the photographs I upload. Continue reading