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Pet Connection designs is what I call the collection of designs I have created for the pro-health pet magazine, Pet Connection. They’re a Canadian magazine, located in Vancouver, B.C., and appealing to mostly a B.C. audience, though their readership extends across Canada and into the United States. Originally, I was hired as a contractor to maintain their WordPress website, Since then, I’ve also designed materials for both print and digital use for them. I started with them in June, 2015, and have worked with them every month to both update their site, including a photo contest they used to run, and design the visuals they needed to continue to have to ensure their presence, both online and off, would remain strong with their audience.

In the gallery¬†there’s thumbnails of all the individual projects I’ve done for Pet Connection. When you click on these, they’ll link to the project posts, describing what it is, why I needed to design it, the intended audience, and how I went about designing it. Every project has its own post. The links will open in a new window, so I encourage you to click and explore your way through the work I’ve done for the Pet Connection Magazine.

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