Design Process

Every designer has a unique process when completing projects, to ensure that the client’s needs are fully met, and that the client is completely satisfied. Below is a simple list of my process. If you would like a more detailed idea of the process, including pricing, in specific regard to your project, please contact me for a free estimate and project proposal.

  1. The first step, after you have decided to work with me to help make your design project come to life, is a design brief. This is a conversation where we discuss what it is you’re looking to have designed, how you plan on publishing it, your audience, your expectations, and any ideas you like regarding how the design should look for you. We would also discuss what content you have, and what sort of content you need. This is also the point where contracts would be signed, and the project would officially be started. A rough quote will also be provided at this point.
  2. The second step in the design process would be the proofing of thumbnail sketches. I would show you sketches of design ideas I have come up with. You’d choose your favourite, perhaps tweaking a few minor things, and sign off on the design you want. Once I have received the signed document stating which design you are after, the design process will begin.
  3. After I have completed the design, or a mock-up (for web design) I’d come back to you and we’d proof it together. This is the stage where you’d suggest any changes to the design that you’d want, changes that you wouldn’t have thought of with the thumbnail sketches. After every change, this process would repeat, until you signed off on a proof without us having to make any changes.
  4. At this point, the final product would be designed. Once you have signed off on the final proof, I will finish the design and bring it straight to production. That means creating a live web site, or sending it off to a printer or other media publication people. All you would need to do would be to receive the final project after publication has been completed.