Concept to Completion Design Services

Concept to Completion

You need a business card, or have an advertisement you need designed. There are so many stages you have to go through to get your finished product it’s overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start. Finding a graphic designer is an excellent start; however, it’s just that. A start. They are hardly the only person you’ll need to complete your project.

What you need is someone who is able to take your project from concept to completion, someone who is able to completely take the project off your hands and the worry off your mind. I offer what I call Concept to Completion services. When you bring your project to me, be it for print or for digital consumption, I will handle everything necessary to get your project created and published.

Content Creation

No matter what you need designed, you need content. If you already have content to use, that’s great. I’d easily incorporate that into the design. Most of the time though, all you have is a need and a basic idea. You need the content to fill your website, or to provide the necessary information in your advertisement or business card. And there’s no need to worry about it, or go anywhere else before coming to me. I produce the copy writing, photographs, and illustrations your project needs to truly come to life. All I need from you is information about what you want, and what you need.


When it comes time to publish the project, I handle that as well, no matter what the medium for publication is. If you are looking to have a project printed, I will find the shop that best fits your needs. I will place the order, and I will deal with everything along the way, ensuring that the final printed project is exactly what you need and want when it is delivered to you.


If you are looking to advertise in a publication, such as a magazine or newspaper, or on the web, I will take care of ensuring the design meets the publication requirements, and I will submit the project to the publications myself. There’s no need for you to research media kits, or anything like that. Without the need to research your final publication medium, there’s less worry and more time for you.

Web Design

If your project is web design, then I will take care of purchasing the domain and webspace for you, if need be. Not only will I worry about the purchasing of the necessary space for your website, but I offer two choices about what happens with the website once it is published. With the first option, I give you control of the web and server space, and your website when the design project is complete and live. With the second option, I will retain ownership of the webspace, and maintain your site on a regular basis, meaning there’s no need for you to worry about keeping your website live, and keep it running as smoothly as it should. If you have any problems with your site when I own the webspace, then you’d simply have to contact me, and I’d take care of it, be it a month or a year after the project.

International Clients

I deal with people from all over the world. International clients aren’t a problem. With advancements such as Skype, face-to-face conversations can happen from opposite corners of the world, and using powerful applications such as Adobe Acrobat, contracts can be virtually signed with ease. Don’t worry if you aren’t a Canadian company. Your project can be completed with me just as easily as if you were locally located.

Your Time

Your time is precious. Don’t spend all of yours on a single design project. Go with someone like me, someone who can completely take your project from concept to completion, revealing you of all the stress and worry that normally goes along with a design project.

Contact me to start your graphic design project.